“Welcome home, hooman!”

So this whole ‘blog’ thing is rather new to us and on this morning’s drive to work we realized we’d already made our first giant blog failure. We forgot to take a picture of the vomit pond. 

Yes…vomit pond. 

That’s exactly what was there to greet us upon arriving home from work last night. Actually…that’s not quite right. The SMELL is the first thing that greeted us, but since it was emanating from the lake of effluent now cozied up to our couch, we’ll give credit to the vom. But back to the smell for a second. Imagine the random fish bits that get yanked out of the catch-o-the-day and tossed into a bin. Now imagine that bin sitting outside all day…in August…in Louisiana. Now imagine tripping face first into that bin, mouth open. There you go…NOW you’re getting it. THAT is what we smelled when we walked in the house. 

Now, we live with five beasts. Four cats and the cutest dog in the world. So it’s clear that one of them has done something heinous. My brain immediately kicks into Sherlock mode (BBC version, mind you)

Fish smell. Beasts.

Five beasts. Dog.

Dog: in crate. Not her…and besides, she doesn’t eat much fish.

Fish. Cat. 

Three cats eat dry food. 

Wet food. Moritz. 

Moritz pose

Cute, isn’t he? That’s Moritz, our senior citizen of 16 years. He’s got IBS and bad kidneys, so he’s on prednisolone and he gets ‘special’ food.

Wet food. Fancy Feast Ocean Whitefish. Hence the malodorous fog creeping through our domicile. Case solved!!!

So we failed to get a picture of Moritz’s welcome home present but at least you get a picture of him. And fear not…we’ll get a picture next time he voms…and vom he will. That’s how he rolls. But he’s SO cute and we love him TONS.



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