Peddlers’ Fair Fail

Last year we missed the Benicia Peddlers’ Fair, as it was right before Jonathan left for deployment. This year our neighbors, Bob and Phyllis (two of the greatest people on the planet), told us it would be very crowded and not to go after 1130. So we woke up, had a quick breakfast, harnessed up the pooch and took off.

We opted to walk to First Street, since parking was sure to be a nightmare. As we headed down we passed many garage sales (very smart idea on Peddlers’ Fair day). Jonathan was drawn to an antique copper fire extinguisher at one of the garage sales.

Asking price was $50, so we kept walking while we decided whether we wanted it or not. We got to First Street, right at the beginning of the Peddlers’ Fair, and began our journey. Now keep in mind that we probably walked right past more than one person who could’ve informed us the dog was not welcome. Instead we got about halfway down the street when a woman in an orange vest tapped me on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, but have you already been asked for your paperwork?”

I blinked, giving her a WTF look. “What?”

“For your dog. Only service dogs are allowed.”

Jonathan had been looking at a booth a few feet away but when he saw me talking to the orange vested woman he came over. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Apparently dogs are not allowed,” I told him.

And so home we went. On the way we stopped back at the garage sale with the fire extinguisher. While we had been on our ill-fated Peddlers’ Fair jaunt someone else had come along and offered $25, which the seller didn’t accept. He told Jonathan he’d sell it to him for $40. A dollar a pound…what a deal! 

We said we’d take it and the guy offered to hold it for us until we came back with a vehicle to transport it home, but Jonathan decided he couldn’t accept that offer whilst proudly wearing his Dan Bailey Rogue tee…after all, what CrossFitter worth their salt would deny the chance to do an 800m, uphill, one-armed antique fire extinguisher farmer’s carry?!  And so Jonathan carried it home and it is now being displayed proudly in our living room. (It’s sitting in the wooden desk caddy just to make sure nothing funky happens underneath it…once we’re sure we’ll transfer it to the floor)

antique fire extinguisher

I have to admit we were pissed about having been shooed off First Street. Benicia is usually such a dog friendly town. We could’ve gone back after depositing Bella at home in her crate, but at that point it was hot and we had other things to do. Maybe next year, Peddlers’ Fair. Or maybe we just hit the Arts and Crafts Fair, which we’ve been told is more in keeping with old time Benicia and the way things used to be. 


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